Games to Play on Your Next Beach Day

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Can’t sit still and relax during your day at the beach? Or is it your kiddos that are always asking, “what’s next?” Keeping your children occupied with fun activities can make for a safer day at the beach, ensuring that they are always within your sight and not blending in with the summer crowds.

We’ve created a list of games you can play with or without any necessary equipment that are easy to keep the fun going after they’ve built their sandcastles. There are also games that adults won’t want to pass up!

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Games Without Equipment

Beach Pictionary

Substitute paper for the sand and draw out your clues during Beach Pictionary. Otherwise, the rules are the same: split into two teams, come up with a list of words, and let the fun begin! Decide on how long your team will have to guess what the artist is drawing, and make sure to keep track of your points!

Sand can be a great canvas for other games like Tic-Tac-Toe, Hangman, and Finish the Doodle.

Simon Says

Or should we say, Captain Simon? Although this game won’t last for too long, it might be the perfect way to get your child’s attention and remind them of the fun game he or she may have played with their classmates. Or in this case, first mates!

Musical Towels

You could use beach chairs, but they might topple over in the unleveled sand. So, for safety and to save on space, arrange your beach towns in a circle and start the music! You know the drill–when the music stops and you’re not on a towel, you’re out! Fold the towels in half to make the game more challenging or if the towels become a tripping hazard.

Relay Races

If it’s not too hot and the beach isn’t too crowded, head to the hard-packed sand by the incoming waves for some relay races! Perfect for a larger group who has some energy to spare, sort everyone into teams and grab some beach toys, sunblock, a water bottle, or anything else you have with you to act as the baton to pass between teammates. Or, shake it up and hold a water relay race. Give each team a small cup to fill at the water’s edge and see who fills up their bucket first! Just make sure you aren’t bumping into people walking or riding bikes along the water.

Scavenger Hunt

Adult supervision will definitely be necessary for this game since kids will want to run off to try to find whatever they need to! Or, maybe you play this while you’re packing up and heading back to your car or resort. Along the way, you can all see if you can find everything on the list as a group. Create your own list or find a list online!

Games to Bring (Not Sponsored–These Are Just Our Personal Favorites!)

Modified Cornhole Game

Who doesn’t love a game of cornhole? Better question: who wants to carry a heavy cornhole set out to the beach? You’ll get the best of both worlds with this modified set that is collapsible and can be carried in one convenient bag.

The set pictured can be found on Amazon, with different designs available. It comes with 8 bean bags and pieces that will secure the game boards into the sand to prevent them from blowing away.

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Created in Folly Beach, South Carolina, TidalBall, America’s Beach Game, is a fun blend of bocce ball and cornhole. This set weighs only 10 oz., so it can easily be thrown into your beach bag without weighing it down or even taking up too much space. The bag and equipment inside are waterproof, and the balls will float just in case one ends up in the water. The game is meant for players 6 years and older.

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Toss and Catch

The classic game that’s fun to play for all ages–especially kiddos who haven’t quite mastered catching yet. This set can be found on Amazon and is bright and summery. Each paddle is “sticky” and can catch the ball with ease, so there are fewer chances of running down the beach chasing one down. Each paddle has an adjustable strap to fit hands big or small, and the recommended minimum age of players is 3 years old.

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Kan Jam

What do you get when you mix cornhole, horseshoes, and disc golf? Kan Jam! Intended to be played as two teams of two, this is a great beach game for all ages. This specific set is the Rookie version, meaning the slot is larger and it’s easier to score points. Linked to this Amazon listing, you’ll find versions like The OG, Pro, and Illuminate LED. Purchase the Travel Edition that comes with the convenient carry bag, or buy the bag separately.

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Beach Putt Putt

If your family is into golfing, you’ll only need to bring along a putter or two. We’ve included this Amazon listing just in case you don’t want to bring your actual putter to use in the sand. Plus, these adjust in size and give you that mini putt putt vibe we all know and love.

Create and recreate your own putting hole in the sand. Make it as easy or as hard as you’d like, but just keep in mind to avoid tripping hazards for other beachgoers. This game is best played on days when there’s fewer people and more space to play.

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