Lowcountry Haunts

As Halloween grows near and the days become shorter, our imagination comes alive with everything that goes bump in the night. Simple tasks like checking your mailbox after dark or closing your blinds before bed might make the hair stand up on the back of your neck. This sensation happens to everyone, just as every town has its own ghost stories to tell. 

But not every town can be known as one of, if not, the most haunted town in the United States. According to most top ten lists, Savannah takes the number one spot more times than not. 

I’d be remiss if I didn’t recommend a ghost tour while visiting Savannah, regardless of the time of year or if you believe in ghosts or not. The tours are a great way to learn more about Savannah’s history through the lives of those that have walked the same downtown squares over centuries. The cooler temperature in the evenings is just an added bonus, especially if the tour is on foot.

If ghost tours aren’t your cup of tea, I’d highly recommend adding the Bonaventure Cemetery to your itinerary. Walk beneath the towering live oaks that hold swaths of Spanish Moss gently swaying with the breeze. Listen to your footsteps echo against the Lowcountry symphony of eerie quiet and cicada song. Admire the beautifully grand works of art that mark the gravesites of the influencers of history. 

During my first visit to Bonaventure Cemetery, I actively searched for one of the more famous grave markers, that of Little Gracie Watson. What I didn’t plan on, was finding myself standing in front of her sculpted likeness on the same date she tragically passed in 1889. Her spirit has been seen playing in Johnson Square, the site of the now-demolished Pulaski Hotel that had once been managed by Gracie’s parents. 

Click here for more information on Savannah’s ghost tours. 

The Lowcountry as a whole is brimming with history, and it’s no wonder we’ve run into a happy—or not so happy—haunt or two. Only an hour’s drive North East from Savannah, Beaufort is known to have various intriguing ghost stories, one telling the tale of a spirit that predates the town itself by a couple hundred years. 

Grenauche, or Gauche, sailed with a French expedition party in 1562 led by Jean Ribault. After creating a French Huguenot colony in Florida, Ribault led his party north and landed at Port Royal, a town just beside Beaufort and of which Ribault named. Grenauche, the court jester for the party, died during this leg of the journey. Some say he died on the grounds of what was to be The Castle, a three-story mansion built by Dr. Joseph Johnson that had quickly been converted into a Union hospital and morgue during the Civil War. Others say the spirit of Grenauche wandered the marsh for hundreds of years until he came across the elegant estate, immediately moving in as it reminded him so much of home. 

Knocking and faint jingling from the bells on his costume have been heard within The Castle’s walls, furniture has been known to move around, and handprints appear on the windows. Children throughout the years have been more inclined to see Grenauche. The lively spirit was said to have appeared at a tea party Dr. Johnson’s daughter, Lilly, was having with her doll. When Lilly was older, Grenauche tapped out messages that were eventually translated from 16th-century French and proved that Grenauche was quite the character. 

Luckily for me as a resident of Hilton Head Island, ghost stories here are hard to come by—unless you’d like to know more about the ghost who I’m convinced haunts my condo. 

The ghost of Caroline Fripp, otherwise known as the Lady in Blue, is one of the more popular ghost stories on the island of those that I could uncover. Legend says that during a terrible hurricane, Caroline found her father dead, or near death—some stories differ—after suffering from a heart attack while doing his best to man the Leamington Lighthouse. After covering his eyes with pennies, she took on the work of keeping the lighthouse lit to help ships find their way through the terrible storm. For weeks afterward, Caroline could be seen pacing back and forth from the cottage to the lighthouse, reliving the awful tragedy. Some say that you can see the ghost of Caroline still in her blue dress, pacing back and forth on stormy nights. Some have seen a blue light shining from the top of the now-abandoned lighthouse. 

Hilton Head Island was no exception to the historic conflicts that effected the rest of the Lowcountry, collecting its own storied past. Residents from years past, especially those of the island’s founding families, can’t seem to let go of their beloved island. 

Do you have a Lowcountry ghost story? Leave a comment below to share it with us!

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It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Cocktails!

10 Places to Go For Happy Hour on Hilton Head Island

Looking for the best places to enjoy happy hour on Hilton Head? We’ve got a few suggestions that are sure to delight you!

The Sandbar Beach Eats | 101 Pope Ave | Hilton Head Island

Right across from Coligny Beach Park, The Sandbar Beach Eats’ prime location and excellent offerings make its happy hour a can’t miss when visiting Hilton Head. Try the loaded hush puppies or the Mexican Street Corn dip. You won’t be sorry!

Happy Hour 7 days/week | 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm

$4 house margaritas

$4 Well liquors

$2 off all wine

$3 Landshark and Bud Light 16oz pints

Select $3 and $4 shots

$2.00 off all beach snacks.

Catch 22 | 37 New Orleans Road | Hilton Head Island

Locally owned and operated since 2001, Catch 22 offers spectacular Happy Hour Specials!

Happy Hour Specials Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday | 5:00 pm – 6:30 pm | Bar Seating only.

22% Off Any Bottle of Wine with 2 Dinners, Specials, or Early Dining Entrees.

Martini Madness $5.00 Gordon Gin & Vodka Martini’s  *excludes specialty martinis

$2.00 off appetizers

Try the Diver Scallops appetizer, Parmesan & pepper encrusted scallops, grilled tomato, mozzarella & pesto.

Local Pie | 55 New Orleans Rd #106 | Hilton Head Island

This next one is a favorite of mine… for many reasons, not the least of which is the creative pricing on their Happy Hour appetizers. ($3.14 apps. 3.14 or pi)

Happy Hour Every Day 4:00pm – 6:00pm

$3.14 16 oz cans Bud Light, Mich Ultra, Yuengling

$3.14 Draft of the Day

$4 Well Liquor

$5 all Craft Drafts

$5 Fireball, Grand Marnier, Hornitos, Jameson, JIm Beam, Titos

$3.14 1-Topping Sicilian Slices

$3.14 Knots

Local Pie has the only Neapolitan-style wood-fired pizza on Hilton Head Island.

Aunt Chilada’s | 69 Pope Avenue | Hilton Head Island

Happy Hour Daily 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm (Bar Area Only)

This one’s almost too good to be true. At Aunt Chilada’s, THEY PAY YOU TO DRINK DURING HAPPY HOUR!

Any Liquor Drink (at regular price) Gets You One Gold Dollar.

Any Selection of Wine and Beer gets you a Kennedy Half Dollar.

$6.50 Peel ’n’ Eat Shrimp with lemon and butter

$6.00 Grilled Wings

$3.00 Aunt Chilada’s Famous Street Corn

$2.00 Beef Soft Tacos

The Famous Street Corn is way too good to pass up!

Carolina Crab Company | 86 Helmsman Way | Hilton Head Island

Happy Crabby Hour Daily 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm

$7.00 Peel & Eat Shrimp

$13 Crab Cluster

$3.50 Grouper or Shrimp Taco

$6.00 Fried Buffalo Shrimp

$5.00 Fried Boneless Buffalo Chicken Bites

$1.00 off Beer and Wine

$2.00 off all Liquor

Enjoy happy hour inside or visit the pet-friendly patio bar.  

North End Pour House | Port Royal Plaza | 95 Mathews Dr | Hilton Head Island

Happy Hour Every Day 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm (Bar Area Only)

Reminiscent of a Boston-style pub, this one has one of the largest selections of happy hour specials. There’s something for everyone!

$9.00 BBQ Chicken Nachos

$8.00 Wings

$8.00 Sliders

$5.00 Cheese Quesadilla 

$7.00 Chicken Quesadilla

$6.00 Cheese Sticks

$6.00 Pickle Chips

$4.00 Fish Tacos

1/2 Off Wells

1/2 Off Domestic Bottles

1/2 Off Drafts

1/2 Off House Wine

$1.00 off Import Bottles

$4.00 Shots

Reilley’s Grill and Bar | 7D Greenwood Drive | Hilton Head Island

Voted Hilton Head’s Best Bar.

Happy Hour Daily 4:00pm – 7:00pm

1/2 off Wells

1/2 off House Wine

1/2 off Domestic Bottles

1/2 off Draft Beer

Discount Appetizers – the blackened fish tacos are a fan favorite!

Big Bamboo | 1 N Forest Beach Dr | Hilton Head Island

Happy Hour Daily 4:00pm – 6:00pm

Outdoor dining and live entertainment!

$2.00 off appetizers

$3.00 Chips and Salsa/Queso Dip

$3.00 Yuengling, Blue Moon, Bamboo Lite

$3.00 Wells

$3.00 House Wines

Old Oyster Factory | 101 Marshland Rd | Hilton Head Island

Happy Hour Daily 4:00pm – 6:00pm 

Spectacular waterside views and some of the best shrimp tacos on the planet!

$0.75 peel ‘n eat shrimp

half off oysters

$1 Crab cash back on off all liquor drinks, glasses of wine and beer.4

The Crazy Crab | 104 William Hilton Parkway | Hilton Head Island

Happy hour daily 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Great drink specials plus $2.00 fresh shucked oysters! This is as good as it gets.

Domestic Bottled Beers – $2.50

Domestic Drafts – $3.00

Crab Draft (Local Craft) $4.50

Well Drinks – $3.50

Bulrush Collins – $5.00

Crab Punch – $5.00

House Wines – $4.50

Deep Eddy Vodkas – $5.00

Pro tip: Order the Crab Punch – Maker’s Mark, blood orange bitters, simple syrup, club soda, maraschino cherries, orange slice.

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Fore the Love of Golf!

As kids, we like to emulate what our parents and grandparents do. I personally can remember watching my grandfather work a nine-to-five job and then rush home to spend any extra time left in the day to perfect his golf game. His love for the sport and dedication eventually paid off when he was chosen to be a part of the Professional Golfers’ Association of America Tour also known as the PGA Tour. Intrigued by not only my grandfather’s success, but by the sport itself, I eventually caught the “golf bug”.

My golf passion grew over time and it became a full-on hobby. I was active in several after-school golf programs throughout middle school and high school, then continued my journey in college where I was captain of the golf team. One of the perks of the team was we were fortunate to travel nationally and play on some of the most prestigious courses designed by legendary professional golfers. However out of all the courses we played, the one that was forever engraved in my memories was a course in Hilton Head, South Carolina. Designed by the sensational Arnold Palmer, the Wexford exclusive golf course not only challenged my skills, but the views of Broad Creek, marshlands, and the harbor, made this experience one that I would never forget.

I knew I would never be the next Tiger Woods, but after visiting Hilton Head once, I was hooked. After I graduated college it wasn’t long before I decided to uproot my life to the Lowcountry and become a permanent resident on Hilton Head. This island has provided me with an opportunity to have a career and continue to play golf conveniently with the abundance of golf communities and courses it has available.

Living on Hilton Head Island is a golfer’s paradise. The weather is ideal for most of the year, especially now, in October, when there is an ocean breeze in the air and the temperature is in the mid to high 70’s. Whether you’re a tourist just vising for a couple of days or a permanent resident, Hilton Head has a golf course for every skill level. It won’t be long before you too decide to call Hilton Head home.

In the meantime, here are some of the courses we recommend you check out on your next Hilton Head vacation.

Port Royal Golf Club

10 Clubhouse Dr
Hilton Head Island, SC 29928

Located along the Atlantic coastline on the northwestern point of Hilton Head Island, is the Port Royal Golf & Racquet Club. Designed by prolific golfer, George Cobb, the Port Royal Golf & Racquet Club features 2 different courses, Robber’s Row and Barony Course.

Make sure you stop in Robber’s Row Grille and indulge in their seasonal menu that features all the freshest local ingredients. In those months where the temperature does drop a little, there is a fireplace in the dining area and on the verandah to keep you nice and cozy.

Oyster Reef Club

155 High Bluff Rd
Hilton Head Island, SC 29928

Oyster Reef Golf Club opened in 1982, was immediately ranked as one of the Top 25 New Courses in America. This Rees Jones design has been voted one of the Top 20 Courses in the Carolinas and enjoys a reputation as a favorite among locals. The course tests golfers’ skills of all levels. Oyster Reef is known in the Hilton Head Island golf community for a warm greeting, and a friendly hand whenever you need it.

After you play a round with your friends, stop in at the LagerHead Tavern for a cold refreshing beer, alongside a tender Grilled Coulotte Steak, smothered with tarragon butter, charred onions, and fresh-cut French fries. A widely popular choice among guests.

Bear Creek Golf Club

237 Whooping Crane Way
Hilton Head Island, SC 29926

Another north end gem is Bear Creek Golf Club within the gates of Hilton Head Plantation. This Rees Jones-designed golf course stretches over 6,800 yards of the plantation. Surrounded by tall pines and natural areas, it has a set of five different tees that cater to every level of golfer. Grab some lunch, a draft beer or two, and enjoy a day of golfing with friends and family!

Palmetto Hall Plantation

108 Fort Howell Dr
Hilton Head Island, SC 29926

Palmetto Hall Plantation Club consists of two championship golf courses, the Arthur Hills Course and the Robert Cup Course. In addition to these signature courses, the club offers a variety of amenities including tennis and swimming, making these courses extremely popular for families.

Dolphin Head Golf Club

56 High Bluff Road
Hilton Head Island, SC 29926

This semi-private course opened in 1974 and was professional golfer, Gary Player’s first course in the Hilton Head area. With stunning views at every turn, Dolphin Head Course quickly became a premier golf destination for many. The course layout offers players of all skill levels, an exceptional and challenging golf experience. This is definitely a course you must try!

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