Hilton Head Island Tides [November 2021]

What Tide is Best for Your Favorite Water Activity? Be sure to check the tide chart before planning your day!

SWIMMING: The water is safest during a slack tide, the hour preceding or following a high or low tide.

SKIMBOARDING: Low tide is best for riding on the sand, but, a high tide will be better riding waves

FISHING: The best time to cast out your line is when the tide is moving. Try fishing in a falling tide, about two hours before low tide.

BEACHCOMBING: A low tide or falling tide reveals tidal pools and provides the best chances for spotting marine life.

BOATING: High tide is the easiest time to navigate a harbor.

PADDLING: it will be easiest to paddle with, rather than against, a current.

BIKING: Low tide is ideal for biking HHI’s 12 miles of hard-packed beach.

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