Spring Break Basics for Hilton Head Island

One of the best destinations to spend your Spring Break, Hilton Head Island offers sunshine, picturesque beaches, and a remarkable amount of different indoor and outdoor activities for all ages. Once you visit Hilton Head in the spring, you’ll fall in love with the island’s charm, easy-going atmosphere, and seasonal festivals that highlight the Lowcountry’s finest cuisine, culture, and more!

Hilton Head Island’s springtime weather is arguably the best. The average temperature for both April and May lean toward the low seventies, making it a great getaway for vacationers who are sick of cold weather and even snow.

If you’re looking for something to do while visiting Hilton Head Island, it’s easy to think of the three B’s: beaches, bikes, and boats!


Whether you’re making a day out of it or only spend a few minutes walking in the sand, I think we can all agree that heading to the beach is on everyone’s agenda. The town of Hilton Head has a great online resource of all the public beach accesses and parks on the island. The listed amenities are helpful when deciding which beach would be best for you!

The next time you find yourself at the beach looking for something to do or a game to play, try Sand Pictionary! Using the same concept and rules as regular Pictionary, you and your group can have some fun in the sun without hauling a bunch of equipment with you.

If you do end up bringing games and beach toys, always make sure you’re not leaving anything behind and fill up any holes in the sand you’ve dug—remember, Sea Turtle nesting season begins in May and ends in October.


Wherever you’re staying on the 12-mile-long island, making your way to the beach isn’t a lengthy task at all. Sometimes it’s easier to bike to the beach than it is to drive there!

Whether you need a form of transportation or you’re wanting to explore the miles of public pathways, biking is a must when visiting the island. Another great place to ride your bike is on the beach, especially at low tide when there’s more room to explore.

Many visitors bring their own bikes, but it’s always a lot easier and less stressful to rent bikes and attachments for your stay on the island. Wheelz of Hilton Head is a trusted source for renting beach cruisers and other bicycle equipment for everyone in your party. If you’re not sure which size bicycle or type of attachment you’d need, visit their website or speak to one of the helpful team members over the phone.

Biking is such a popular activity on the island—especially during Spring Break—so make sure to reserve your bikes ahead of time if you decide you want to join in on the fun!


Who wouldn’t want to cruise around looking for dolphins or admiring the gorgeous sunset during their trip to Hilton Head Island? For more information on these private tours, check out Hilton Head Boat Charters. You can reserve any of their tours offered right on their website.

If you’re looking for a little more adventure, I hear you can sail through the surrounding waters with pirates looking for treasure! Pirates of Hilton Head are looking for future crew members ages 3-10 to explore the Calibogue Sound aboard The Black Dagger. A one-of-a-kind experience, this will probably be the highlight of your Spring Break!



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Celebrating New Year’s on Hilton Head Island

If you’re lucky enough to be celebrating New Years on Hilton Head Island, you’re already off to a great start. Here are some things that ensure your luck keeps on going for 2022! 

Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash

When the Clock Strikes Midnight

There are many traditions and superstitions around the world for what to do and what not to do to ring in the New Year with as much good fortune as possible. Some traditions need to take place exactly when the clock strikes midnight, so here are some ideas depending on where you find yourself on the island at 11:59pm. 

Wave 2021 Goodbye

In Brazil, people celebrate New Year’s Eve at the beach! As soon as it’s midnight, everyone walks ankle-deep into the water while fireworks dazzle overhead. Every time a wave washes in, everyone jumps over it and makes a wish. It’s tradition to jump over seven waves, meaning you’ll get a grand total of seven wishes. Test out this tradition on one of Hilton Head Island’s many beaches, and see if any of your wishes come true! 

Grab Your Suitcase 

If you want 2022 to be filled with travel and adventure, carry around an empty suitcase starting at midnight. This is a tradition that stems from Columbia and other Spanish-speaking countries. Regardless if you’re celebrating the New Year on vacation or relaxing in the comfort of your own home, remember to grab that suitcase when the clock strikes midnight! 

Open Up the Doors and Windows

It’s a great thing that Hilton Head Island has such mild winter weather, so won’t freeze when you open the doors and windows to let 2021 out and to welcome the New Year in! It’s an easy tradition, so why not try it? Anything to help make sure 2022 goes as smoothly as possible…

January 1st To-Do List 

Just as there are traditions and superstitions for New Year’s Eve, there are specific things to do on January 1st, and other things that you need to stay clear of!

Polar Plunge at Coligny Beach

The first-ever recorded Polar Bear Plunge took place in Boston, Massachusetts in 1904. Since then, jumping into an ice-cold pool or freezing lake is a tradition for many on New Year’s Day. Some might think it’s a crazy thing to do, but not only is the freezing swim said to be good for your immune system, but many of these events benefit charities. 

The annual Polar Plunge at Coligny Beach will start at 11am on New Year’s Day, and benefits Charli’s Critters Charity. 

Leave the Cleaning for January 2nd

If you’re on vacation, cleaning probably isn’t on your radar as it is. Just to be safe, make sure to leave those coffee cups in the sink and refrain from any sweeping or dusting. You don’t want to wash or sweep away any luck that’s headed your way! 

What’s for Dinner?

Here’s a southern tradition that’ll bring you luck and prosperity in 2022: make sure to eat a dinner that includes black-eyed peas. The black-eyed peas themselves represent coins, and they’re typically served with some sort of greens to symbolize paper money. A common dish that’s served for dinner on New Year’s Day is called Hoppin’ John. 

If you want to learn more about Hoppin’ John and its ties to the Lowcountry and Gullah culture, here is a great article by Discover South Carolina that includes a recipe from one of Charleston’s top chefs, Chef BJ Dennis.

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