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If you knew that you could save HUNDREDS on your Hilton Head Island Vacation by committing 90 minutes of your time to learn more about and tour one of our beautiful resorts, wouldn’t it be worth it?

Don’t miss out on this unbeatable opportunity to experience all that Hilton Head Island has to offer while enjoying incredible savings. Our offer is simple yet enticing. All we ask is that you join us for a preview of one of our stunning resort properties. In return, you will receive gifts of your choice (often valued at over $500), access to hundreds more in savings with our exclusive VIP rates, and our Island Discount Packet containing $150 worth of coupons to use at many of our favorite restaurants and retailers.

Choose one of our VIP Packages or create your own – yours FREE when you tour one of our resorts!

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$150 Island
Cash Option

Receive $150 in Island Cash to spend in Hilton Head. Accepted by many of your favorite Island Retailers, use your Island Cash in a variety of ways. Get the most bang for your Island Cash buck by purchasing activities tickets from our list of VIP rates, essentially doubling (or even tripling) the value of of your gift. 

Package Includes:


Our unbeatable Entertainment Package, featuring a handpicked selection of our most popular activities will not only allow you to indulge in unforgettable experiences, but will also unlock amazing savings on additional activities, dining, and much more. Discover why Hilton Head is renowned for its exceptional entertainment as you and your guest experience the best of Hilton Head – FREE when you join us for a resort preview*.

Package Includes:


Enhance your golfing experience with our exclusive Hilton Head golf package! Renowned as one of the world’s finest golf destinations, Hilton Head offers an unrivaled golfing experience from our prestigious selection of courses. What’s more, by attending a quick resort preview*, you can enjoy extraordinary savings on pro shop purchases, dining, and an array of additional activities – all absolutely FREE!

Package Includes:


If none of our pre-built packages perfectly suit your needs, create your own personalized experience! We’ll treat you to $150 in Island Cash that you can use at a wide range of fantastic restaurants and retailers, or redeem it to purchase activity tickets at incredibly discounted rates. Choose from our exclusive list of VIP tickets and secure your spot at special rates. By combining these exclusive rates with your Island Cash, you can save HUNDREDS on your vacation activities. You can enjoy all these incredible benefits for FREE when you join us for a resort preview*. 

Package Includes:


Experience the renowned charm of Savannah, Georgia, hailed as one of the most welcoming cities on Earth with our exclusive Savannah Day Trip Package. Embark on a remarkable Savannah Day Cruise, with port fees conveniently covered, and let the captivating essence of this city unfold before your eyes. Immerse yourself in the rich history and beauty of Savannah with your preferred guided tour. Enjoy a guided expedition aboard the renowned Old Town Trolley, or dare to explore the eerie side of Savannah with a thrilling Ghosts and Gravestones Tour – FREE when you join us for a resort preview* 

Package Includes:

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Hilton Head Guest Services is your ticket to unlocking everything Hilton Head Island has to offer at a fraction of the cost.

As a VIP Guest, you will have access to exclusive program rates + free tickets adding up to HUNDREDS in savings on your vacation activities, meals, entertainment, and more. As our newest VIP guest, you will benefit from having access to the best deals on Hilton Head.

From golf to dining, helicopter tours to water excursions, and shopping to massages, you and your guests will enjoy all that the island has to offer through our VIP packages. Get VIP access to the best activities, attractions, excursions, and more at a fraction of the retail price. Enhance your overall vacation experience with unforgettable cruises, golf packages, activities bundles, and more. See all your vacation dreams come to life by becoming a VIP Guest today! 


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